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Sunday Worship Celebration
11:00AM & 7:00PM


Bible Study & CE Classes
Wednesdays – 7:00PM


Evangelistic Ministry
1st Friday – 7:30PM


Outreach Ministry
2nd Friday – 6:30PM


Corporate Prayer & Consecration
3rd Friday – 7:30PM


Family Enrichment & Empowerment
4th Friday – 7:00PM


One of the oldest Pentecostal churches in the city, Mount Sinai had its humble beginning in late 1915 when Bishop C.H. Hairston and Elder Henry Wilson (later Bishop) organized a group to conduct street meetings and brush arbor revivals. Over 60 churches, chartered as the Glorious Church of God, Inc., grew out of this gathering.

In the process of establishing "home base" churches that evolved from the revivals, Bishop Henry Wilson, a Salisbury native, was named pastor of Mount Sinai. At the time of his death, January 1976, Bishop Wilson had served as pastor of Mount Sinai for 51 years.

In June 1976, Elder John L. Hines (later Bishop), an internationally traveled COGIC evangelist and New Jersey native, assumed the pastorate and ushered the congregation into a new era. He distinguished himself as a multi-faceted leader--pastor, teacher, builder, evangelizer, scholar and administrator who navigated the church to new heights. His administration emphasized sound biblical principles, character building and training for effective leadership, family enrichment, Christian Education, youth and seniors' ministries and community outreach.

In 1979, Bishop Hines initiated a full-scale building project to better serve the needs of the membership and the East Winston Community. This building venture brought the church into the national spotlight because of the controversial location of the new edifice in proximity to a major airport. In 1980, the church was ordered to stop construction. Under Bishop Hines' God-directed leadership, the church persevered; construction resumed in 1984, and the spacious tri-level structure was completed in 1987. The direction of the ministry changed in 1992 when Bishop Hines prophetically proclaimed, "This shall be called the House of Deliverance," giving birth to the new vision, MOUNT SINAI FULL GOSPEL DELIVERANCE CENTER!

Bishop Hines reverently dignified the office of "Bishop" serving as a phenomenal leader of exemplary character and integrity; planting churches, commissioning sons and daughters to the ministry, teaching and training pastors and laity, and exhorting the Body of Christ to come to full stature in God! In the 20th year of this exceptional pastorate, Bishop Hines was called from labor to great reward (September 26, 1995).

Committed to the completion of the work, Reverend Yvonne H. Hines, wife of the late Bishop Hines became the first female pastor in the history of the local church and the organization. Amid the challenges of parenting, the day-to-day ministerial demands and organizational disputations over female leadership, she has successfully led the church into a viable 21st century ministry. She has gained the respect of congregants and fellow clergy as an exemplary leader, prolific preacher, teacher and administrator. For the past fifteen years, she has graciously and enthusiastically steered the church in a positive direction, particularly emphasizing community outreach, ministry expansion and educational progression for all ages.

During her tenure as Pastor, she has added eight new ministries, established and implemented the mission of the church throughout the community. In 2001, she initiated and successfully executed a Building Fund Drive that culminated with the mortgage burning on the tri-level, million dollar sanctuary in 2002. In 2004, she spearheaded renovations of the fellowship hall and education area, providing space for a computer lab, GED program, and food and clothing distribution center and community gatherings. Currently, the church is engaged in an aggressive redevelopment and revitalization project that will transform the East 25th Street community.

The Mount Sinai Full Gospel Deliverance Center is indubitably dedicated to propagating the Gospel in word and deed.